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Eva Solo Legio Nova Teapot 1.2 litre



In contrast to the Legio tableware, Legio Nova is designed with a refined structure which forms a framework for the food.

Eva Trio is the sponsor of the Danish national culinary team, and in the design process of Legio Nova we have found inspiration in seeing their culinary artistry and the care they put into their craft. Therefore we made the structure to frame the plate midst with an elegance that could highlight the food.

Elegant teapot from Legio Nova with oak handle. Like other items in the Eva Trio Legio Nova tableware range, the teapot is distinguished by its delicate, fluted decoration and high-quality porcelain.

The oak handle adds an exclusive touch, but also has a practical function as it facilitates pouring.

Legio Nova is supplied with a 10-year porcelain warranty.

  • Product code: EV886268
  • Materials: Porcelain
  • Sold in packs of: 1


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