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Advanced Latte Art Skills Barista Training Course




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Advanced Latte Art Skills ( 3 hours)

Before booking a latte art course it is important you know the basic principles of making coffee or have already attended our intermediate training course.

This course is designed for the budding barista who wants to take their milk skills to the next stage. You will already be improving your micro foam skills, together with your ability to produce consistent espresso. We will look into the different aspects of latte art, starting with the heart and moving through various patterns.

You will learn the different pouring methods to perfect and hone your skills and give you the tools to improve every pour.

Then its practice, practice, practice…

This course will take place at the International Barista Training Academy in Solihull, West Midlands.   Courses must be taken within 6 months of purchase.  Courses subject to availability 7 days a week,  If you wish to take your course on a specific date or day please contact us before ordering.


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